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Barker & Quin mixers are crafted using only natural ingredients, sourced from reliable, earth friendly suppliers and mixed together with pure mountain spring water.



Quinine is the cornerstone of all ingredients to build a proper tonic water. Therefore a lot of emphasis was placed on finding the finest source of Quinine that was not only as close to home as possible but also sustainable. The bark of Chinchona trees are used to extract Quinine from, this is also where the name play Barker and Quin originated from. For our tonic water we use Quinine extracted from Chinchona trees of Central Africa. The payoff for the extra effort that is spent on sourcing the best raw material is evident when you drink an ice cold Barker and Quin tonic by itself or with your favourite gin.


Water is the golden thread that binds the natural content of tonic and it was very important to us that we choose mountain spring water. Spring water contains low salt levels, no chlorine and no chemicals that can either be harmful to our consumer or influencing the taste of our drinks. We found a reliable and sustainable source in the Breede River Valley (Slanghoek) from Mount Superior. The water is crystal clear, tastes fresh and combines all the other natural content in perfect harmony.


The sugar content of tonic water is important to balance the bitterness. We decided to use cane sugar to remain true to our convictions of giving our patrons a 100% natural product. No artificial sweeteners are used in the production of Barker and Quin Tonic Water.


Lime, lemon, Grapefruit and Orange peel zest forms part of the important flavours of Barker and quin tonic water. The zestiness is what enhances the flavour of the gin it is combined with. Cardamom, Star anise and Juniper berries accounts for the spicyness of barker and quin tonic water. All these flavours are natural essence measured into a perfect combination to form our tonic water.